Fundraising is at the core of what we do in the LMBA, and we have a variety of programs in place to meet our goals.
40% of your child’s music program budget comes from LMBA fundraising, and they would be unable to produce such high quality productions without all our help. Funds from LMBA contribute in a number of ways:

Techs, advisors, and coaches | Camps | Equipment
Uniforms | Music | Scholarships
Many more…

Explore the programs in this section and please contribute where you can – every bit helps!  To see available volunteer slots on our sign up site, watch our home page for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Concessions makes up the bulk of our fundraising for LMBA programs. Please click on the Concessions section below to volunteer for concessions!

The LMBA holds other fundraisers, often supporting local businesses, to raise money while having fun!