Board Information

LMBA monthly meetings take place on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm either at Liberty High School or via Zoom.


The President will serve as leader and key contact for the LMBA. The President will preside at all LMBA meetings, support side committees; coordinate the work of the other officers and committees, as well as be in continuous contact with all directors.

The President traditionally overseas the concession stand operations by appointing key volunteers to handle food/drink purchasing, volunteer scheduling, and equipment maintenance.

Vice President

The Vice President will act as an aide to the President and perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.


The Vice President can assume other responsibilities as assigned by the LMBA Board.


Ideally, the Vice President is willing to serve as President in the future.



The Treasurer prepares a treasurer’s report each month to provide current balances and an overview of ongoing financial matters.  In addition, the Treasurer creates the annual budget and files the annual tax reporting.
This role is also responsible for maintaining and reconciling all bank accounts as well as manage debit card use.
LMBA also uses Square to process credit card transactions which hare tracked by transaction to assist in reconciliation.
All fundraising programs through other parties (Amazon Smile, Kroger Community Rewards, etc.) are managed directly by the treasurer.

Secretary / Communication Chair

This role captures and submits the minutes from every LMBA board meeting.
  • A MS Word template is provided to capture all minutes.
In addition to distributing the latest LMBA news through all designated channels including:
  • Website
  • Patriot Parent Extracurricular Weekly Newsletter

This role also supports the president in various communications through Facebook, Twitter, Remind, Gmail.

Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising Chair will oversea all fundraisers. This does not mean that officer is in charge of executing each fundraiser but is the main contact when considering fundraisers in terms of timing, directors needs, etc.

The fundraising chair will coordinate with all three programs (band, choir, orchestra,) ensuring there are no conflicts across the programs and that all fundraisers are following the “Best Practices” policies set up by the district.

Concessions Chair / Treasurer

The outdoor concession stand is open for all school sponsored sports at the main stadium. This person would officially be in charge of making sure the concession stand runs smoothly during both the fall and spring outdoor events. 

The following duties are needed and can be handled by committee to make sure that each event is staffed, opened and closed properly.

  • Work with the Athletic Department to obtain the sports schedule for both fall and spring events.
  • Stay in contact with the Athletic Department and handle any last minute changes to the sporting schedule. 
  • Maintain the online SignUp Genius to keep track of volunteers. (This is easily handled from home.)
  • Open and close all events at the stand, or find qualified volunteers that can open and close the stand.
    • The goal is to keep openers and closers attending only 1 event per week, if not less. 
  • Keys will be provided to open both concession doors but will occasionally need to be shared with others that are opening and/or closing. 

More information coming soon!