meijerMeijer Community Rewards

Shop at Meijer, and Meijer will donate funds to our organization.  No cost to you, big benefit for Music Boosters!

Encourage grandparents, family, and neighbors to participate.

Here’s what to do:

  • Join Meijer Community Rewards in any store or at
  • Choose from the Meijer 1 Card (a “frequent shopper” type of card) or Meijer Credit Card options.
  • Enter our organization number 555798.
  • After you have your Meijer 1 Card or Meijer Credit Card, shop at Meijer and Meijer gas stations.
  • Pay with your Meijer Credit card, or with cash, check, or debit card along with your Meijer 1 account number.  NOTE: non-Meijer branded credit card purchases are not eligible for the program!

Bingo! You are supporting Liberty Music Boosters.

For more information about the program: Click Here