London Calling! Concert & Official Invitation Ceremony


Dear Band Parents,

We are so excited about the visit from the Lord Mayor Catherine Longworth this Monday!  Festivities will begin Monday, 9/14 at 7:30 pm at the stadium.  The Jazz Band will perform, the Marching Band will present its 2015 competition show, “Imagine”, and The Lord Mayor will speak, offering the document stating our official invitation to London!!!!!

The Lord Mayor will be in her formal robes, and although we will be at the stadium, the event is semi-formalWe politely ask that men wear dress pants and ties, and ladies wear dresses or pants suits. Please bring your cameras, as this is a great time to record the show (you are unable to record during our competitions), and there will be photo ops with The Lord Mayor!!!

Thanks so Much…and see you on Monday!!!!

Travis and Jennifer Hicks


P.S.  Does anyone have any traditional wool stadium blankets (like a Pendleton)? I would like 2-3 for our London dignitaries to sit on at the stadium on Monday. If we can’t find those, if anyone would have the padded Liberty stadium seats with the backs on them. We would need 3.


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