Band Uniform Email Push

Part of our strategy to meet our $50,000 goal by May 2016 for new marching band uniforms for the 2016/17 school year is to reach out to the family and friends of our band members and ask for donations. Girl Scouts sell cookies, Boy Scouts sell popcorn – we’re just going to cut to the chase and make things easier on everyone. To be clear, we really don’t want to ask everyone to sell something!

The students should have received a flyer on Thursday with the details, but just in case we are sending out a follow-up.  We are asking each band member to provide 10 email addresses (more is even better) of people who may be willing to make a donation. We will be reaching out to the provided family and friends for this fundraiser, but we promise we will not be spamming your loved ones beyond this event!

Please visit our website here ( and add names to the list.  We are setting the deadline at Sunday, 8/23 to have all the email addresses collected.

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